Dioramas from the Netherlands

It often happens that the Star Wars fan community surprises us with an astounding level of creativity and professionalism. Sometimes that even leads to fans being offered a job to work on the movies, as was the case with two British Astromech builders who got the chance to work on The Force Awakens.

In The Netherlands there are also fans that make and do wonderful things. One of such people is Joost of Jazzinc Dioramas. He makes his own dreams come true by making very realistic and highly detailed dioramas based on the original Star Wars Trilogy. They are made especially for the 1:6 scale figures of Hot Toys, Sideshow, Medicom and others. Another unique feature is that with his designs he takes into account the most popular cabinets and showcases for collectors: the Ikea Detolf, Besta and Stuva models. The dioramas are produced in very limited numbers by Joost and his dad, and are in the price range of 125 euros to 450 euros.

Joost will be present at Echo Base Charity Con 2017, where you will be able to see his creations and where he can tell you all about the process of making a diorama. Below are some examples of his dioramas:


Star Wars Diorama - Death Star interior


Star Wars Diorama - Tantive IV


Star Wars Diorama - Death Star hallway


Star Wars Diorama - Emperor Palpatine Throne Room


Star Wars Diorama - Tantive IV corridor