Remnants of the Order

Remnants of the Order premiere

Dutch Star Wars fan film to premier at Echo Base Charity Con!

At Echo Base Charity Con the fan film Remnants of the Order will be screened for the first time for an audience. Remnants of the order is a Dutch Star Wars fan film (English spoken) that is partially funded through crowdfunding. The makers of the film will be participating in a panel following the screening, as well as hosting a booth at the convention where you will have the opportunity to look at props from the film and get a presentation of the kind of work involved in making movies.

Remnants of the Order – A Star Wars Fan Film tells the story of Pai, a young girl who lives with her uncle under the occupation of the Empire. Her everyday life consists of looking for useable objects on her planet and talking with her only friend (and Stormtrooper) HV about what it would be like to become a TIE Fighter pilot. But then her life changes drastically when she finds an object from the past.

The screening will take place at 10:30 in Starkiller Base (theatre 12).
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