Black Lemon

Black Lemon showcase their props

At Echo Base Con you will find several groups displaying their home made replica props. Today we add Black Lemon to the list. Jeroen and Ray from Black Lemon have been active in the Dutch Star Wars community for many years, and started working together this year, building faithful replicas of props, in many cases using original parts that also were used in the production of the originals.

At Echo Base Con, they will display replicas of the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader lightsabers (both made using original Graflex parts and calculators), Royal Guard Force Pikes, the Battle of Yavin Medal of Bravery and more. At their booth, you can also have your picture taken with a lifesize Boba Fett!

Apart from Star Wars, you can also see iconic props from franchises such as Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Terminator and Aliens.

You can find more information about the fan groups and prop builders at this page. Tickets for Echo Base Con are now available via