Which fan doesn’t know the feeling? As children, Star Wars grabbed our imagination and all we wanted was to become part of this fantastic universe! Be a Stormtrooper, how cool would that be? Or owning your very own R2 unit! Maybe settle for a cool blaster, just like the one Han Solo carries… the list of crazy childhood dreams goes on!

But for some these dreams simply won’t go away. That’s why Dan Sczudlik, under the name Dantooine Props , started building his own Star Wars prop replicas over a decade ago and he’s still at it! Accuracy is key, so he’s always trying to get as close to the screen used props as possible. It’s that chase for the “holy grails” that makes the hobby fun and very social at the same time, as it lives from a thriving community.

At Echo Base Con , Dan will be presenting some of his most cherished pieces straight from his collection and will be there to chat about these prop replicas (or props in general). So come by, have a look and don’t forget to say hi!

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Dantooine Prop Collecting