Niels M. Frederiksen van LEGO

One of our special guests residing in Denmark is Niels M. Frederiksen. During Echo Base Charity Con 2019 he will be hosting a panel called ‘A day in of the life of a LEGO Star Wars designer‘. During this panel he will talk about how his childhood dream came true when he started working as a designer for  LEGO in 2013. Since that time he has designed no less than twenty Star Wars sets, including Rey’s Speeder (75099), the Sandcrawler (75220) and the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Sith Trooper (77901).

He has been creative all of his life. As a child he was building all kinds of things in the woodshed of his father and at the age of eight he started building model building sets. Of course, he also spent a lot of time building with LEGO bricks, resulting in the floor being covered with bricks. He took joy in recreating vehicles from movies like Star Wars, Alien and much more.

Through the years model building became his primary hobby. In the last ten to fifteen years his focus shifted to accurately recreating the models used in movies and television series like Star Wars, Alien and Battlestar Galactica. These so called ‘Studio Scale’ models have the same measurements and details as the original props that were used during their respective productions.

As long as he can remember he wanted nothing more than doing something in design work. From the moment he graduated high school, he tried to obtain a job as a LEGO designer. It took him almost seventeen years to accomplish that, but it gave him the opportunity in the meantime to gain experience as a web designer and later on also as a teacher in the same field: all very valuable experience which would lead him to his dream job.



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