At Echo Base Charity Con 2019, the following fan groups will make an appearance:

Dutch Garrison
A Star Wars event is not complete without the 501st Legion and therefore we are very proud to announce that the Dutch division, the Dutch Garrison, will be present at Echo Base Charity Con 2019 in full force!


Dutch Garrison


Rebel Legion Dune Sea Base
The Empire can only be stopped by the brave souls that are the Jedi and the Rebels. Therefore, we are happy that the Dutch division of the Rebel Legion, the Dune Sea Base, will have our backs at the Echo Base Charity Con 2019!


Rebel Legion Dune Sea Base logo


R2-D2 Builders Club
At Echo Base Charity Con you will be able to run into R2-D2, BB-8 or other droids from the Star Wars universe. The R2 Builders Nederland and R2 Builders Belgium are at the event to show their home-made creations to you! Get your picture taken with the droids, or ask their creators how they built them.

R2-D2 Builders Club



Mandalorian Mercs – Clan Diryc Vhetin
De Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC) is een wereldwijde cosplayclub, die zich richt op alles wat met de Mandalorians te maken heeft. De Nederlandse Clan Diryc Vhetin maakt onderdeel uit van de MMCC en zal voor de eerste keer hun opwachting maken op Echo Base Con.

FX Model Miniatures
FX Model Miniatures is an international group of Star Wars physical effect enthusiasts who spend their time painstakingly recreating the magic of the physical filming models made by Industrial Light and Magic during production of the Star Wars movies. They will be making their very first appearance at a Dutch event.


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