Echo Base Charity Con 2023 will feature several fan groups, propmakers and cosplayers. We are happy to introduce them to you here.

Dutch Garrison

A Star Wars event is not complete without the 501st Legion so we are very proud to announce that the Dutch division, the Dutch Garrison, will be present in full force at Echo Base Charity Con 2023!

Dutch Garrison

The Empire can only be stopped by the brave souls that are the Jedi and the Rebels. Therefore, we are happy that the Dutch division of the Rebel Legion, Dune Sea Base, will have our backs again at Echo Base Charity Con 2023!

Rebel Legion Dune Sea Base

The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC) is a worldwide cosplay club, specifically about everything that has to do with the Mandalorians. The Dutch Clan Diryc Vhetin is part of the MMCC and will again be present at Echo Base Con.

The Galactic Academy cosplayers

The Galactic Academy Dantooine Campus of The Netherlands is the youth branch of the Dutch Rebel Legion, Clan Diryc Vhetin and the Dutch Garrison, exclusively for young Star Wars fans aged 0 to 17.

Galactic Academy - Dantooine Campus

R2-D2 Builders Club

At Echo Base Charity Con you will be able to run into R2-D2BB-8 or other droids from the Star Wars universe. The R2 Builders Nederland and R2 Builders Belgium are at the event to show their home-made creations to you! Get your picture taken with the droids, or ask their creators how they built them.

R2-D2 Builders Club

Ray Borggreve is no stranger to the Dutch Star Wars community. He organised the line-up for Episode I in Vlissingen with the Damman brothers in 1999, and was involved in founding Stichting Echo Base during the same period.

His Rotterdam-based company Black Lemon Props Black Lemon Props has been manufacturing science fiction-related film props for several years. Lately, the focus has mainly been on the somewhat larger props. For instance, Ray manufactures various R2-D2 parts and has been working on the full-size Han Solo in Carbonite for a year now. Within Europe, Black Lemon is therefore the sole supplier of parts for this prop, working with Wes Coke (Han Solo sculpture) and Todd Blatt (Volvo panels) in this. During this edition of Echo Base Con, you can see the Han Solo in Carbonite and if you want to make one yourself, Black Lemon is the place to be.

Under the tribute name Industrial Light & Modeling , Marvin Stiefelhagen presents his work in precisely recreating the original studio models of spaceships and other Star Wars vehicles used in the making of various Star Wars films. This involves studying the studio models and identifying the parts used from car, tank and aircraft kits and using them in the replicas.

Prop replicas from a galaxy far, far away….

It all started with a videotape of The Phantom Menace, which Jos van Lonkhuizen received for his birthday. Since then, he was gripped by the Star Wars virus. It was mainly the props he used that caught his interest. Over seven years ago, he started installing lightsabers and founded Vedor Replicas . Over the years, more and more was added: (accurately) weathering, painting, customising all kinds of prop replicas, from Thermal Detonators to Beskar Ingots and from sabres to helmets. Especially trying to recreate "screen-used props" in detail is one of his favourite pastimes.
At Echo Base Con, Jos will be displaying quite a few of his projects, including the requisite lightsabers, a replica of the wooden box from the Kenobi series containing the two famous hilts, a metal Beskar spear and a weathered Lola droid.

Roy Gilsing of enjoys worldwide fame among builders of lightsabers as a supplier of precision parts in accurately recreating these film props. Through meticulous research and reverse-engineering of original props from the various film trilogies, Roy is developing an ever-expanding range of parts and kits for this vast, global Star Wars community. Besides the many versions of lightsabers, Roy also applies his skills to other, often obscure props, such as the Endor bunker bomb and Luke Skywalker's hand tools, both from Return Of The Jedi.

Always wanted to learn how to duel with a lightsaber? During Echo Base Con 2023, LudoSport Amsterdam will host free workshops suitable for every visitor from eight years and up!

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