December is by far the Star Wars month of 2019 with the premier of Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. After the incredible success of Echo Base Charity Con 2017 it was a simple decision to return to Kinepolis Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, a modern and centrally located cinema. Echo Base Charity Con 2019 will again be making use of several rooms and spaces on the ground floor and the second floor. Besides that, the fantastic Theater 12, also located on the second floor, will serve as our Main Stage, where we will be having all of our panels, amongst others. On this page you can find all sorts of practical information about our location:



Kinepolis Jaarbeurs

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs (14 screens, 3.200 seats) is the largest cinema of Utrecht and one of the largest of the whole country. It offers every visitor ‘the ultimate cinema experience’: space and comfortable seating, lots of leg space, and image and sound of the best quality. Kinepolis Jaarbeurs is located a couple of minutes walk away from Utrecht Central Station, next to the Jaarbeurs venue. The next door food court Speys offers a bite to eat.


Kinepolis Jaarbeurs
Jaarbeursboulevard 300
3521 BC Utrecht
The Netherlands


Kinepolis Jaarbeurs is situated on the Jaarbeurs venue side of the Central Station and is on walking distance from the historic city center.

By car:
When you are driving on the Ring Utrecht you will reach Kinepolis Jaarbeurs by following the signs ‘Jaarbeurs’. Around the Jaarbeurs venue there is ample parking space. Parking lots P1 and P3 are located most favourably when visiting the cinema. If you are parking longer than two hours you can take advantage of a reduced parking fee. Show your parking card at the register to receive a reduced fee of € 10. If you are parking shorter than two hours the regular fee applies.

With public transportation:
Kinepolis Jaarbeurs is situated next to the Jaarbeurs venue accross the Central Station of Utrecht. It can therefore easily be reached by train, bus or tram. Follow the signs ‘Jaarbeursplein’ from the Central Station and walk towards the Jaarbeurshallen (Jaarbeurs venue). Within several minutes the cinema will be located on your left hand. For up-to-date travel times, please consult

By bicycle:
Bicycles can be placed in the free-to-access bicycle stand, positioned between restaurant Miyagi and Jones and parking lot P3.

Wheelchair accessibility:
Kinepolis Jaarbeurs has wheelchair spaces in every screening room. An elevator and toilets for disabled are also present.


Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht
De imposante zaal 12, onze Main Stage
The impressive Theater 12, our Main Stage
Foodcourt Speys
Foodcourt Speys



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