Actors Denis Lawson, Dermot Crowley, Caroline Blakiston and Mike Quinn share their experiences making Return of the Jedi.
During this panel, comedians Arie Koomen, Ruben van der Meer and Horace Cohen talk about their deep-rooted love for Star Wars.
The first reunion on Dutch soil of the iconic duo Mon Mothma & General Crix Madine.
Find out more about the Dutch branch of the 501st Legion.
As of now, most of the day tickets have been sold and these will sell out soon. Afternoon tickets are also going fast.
The panel promises entertaining discussions, Star Wars-related statements and a giveaway.
Nien Nunb from Return of the Jedi and Dewi from Andor is attending Echo Base Con 2023!
Galactic Academy - Dantooine Campus
The youth branch of the Dutch Star Wars cosplay groups.