Echo Base Con 2019 will be held on the ground floor and the second floor of Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Ground floor

On the ground floor of Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht you will find the access control under the escalator. This is where your entrance ticket will be scanned, and a wrist band will be issued. The wrist band enables you to move freely between the various rooms of Echo Base Con.

On the ground floor you will also find the first room of Echo Base Con: Yavin 4. In Yavin 4 you will find the accurate movie props of Black Lemon, FX Miniatures, Dantooine Props and WannaWanga. You will also find the amazing droids built by the R2 Builders Netherlands and Belgium, the Star Wars-drone flyers of MVSO, Star Wars LEGO models and prototypes from Niels M. Frederiksen and the lightsaber workshops by Art and Tech.


Echo Base Charity Con ground floor
Echo Base Charity Con ground floor

Second floor

Via the escalator in the main hall you can go to the second floor. Here you will find the other rooms of Echo Base Con: Mos Eisley, Echo Base, Jabba’s Palace and Starkiller Base.

In Mos Eisley you will meet the cosplayers of Dutch Garrison (501st Legion), Dune Sea Base (Rebel Legion), Clan Diryc Vhetin (Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club) and the Galactic Academy – Dantooine Campus. You can get your favorite Star Wars character painted on your arm or cheek, or get introduced to Star Wars board games X-Wing, Armada and Legion.

Echo Base is the main hall of Echo Base Con. Here you will find all sorts of Star Wars merchandise: from toys to t-shirts and from books to trading cards. Also, the Star Wars boardgames Imperial Assault and Destiny can be played. The autograph area where you can meet our special guests is also located in Echo Base.

In Jabba’s Palace there’s more merchandise to be found, as well as the opportunity to build your own Star Wars-LEGO creations, meet the cast en crew of Remnants of the Order and have a chance to win great prizes in the charity lottery.

Lastly, the second floor is also home to Starkiller Base, our main stage with no less than 575 seats where you can attend many panels and screenings throughout the day.

Echo Base Charity Con second floor
Echo Base Charity Con second floor


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