Visitors to Echo Base Con will have the opportunity to get signatures of the guests authenticated by Beckett.
Several replicas of Star Wars props will be on display at Echo Base Con 2023.
Day tickets are almost sold out. Only a small number of the afternoon tickets are still available.
Celebrate the 40th anniversary - a one-time return to the big screen in the Netherlands - of Return of the Jedi!
At Echo Base Con, you will find a fully booked hall with plenty of exhibitors offering a very diverse range of Star Wars merchandise.
This panel offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of dioramas and sculpture making.
There will be several photowalls at Echo Base Con where you can have your picture taken with (other) cosplayers.
Wedge (Denis Lawson) en Nien Nunb (Mike Quinn)
The first reunion on Dutch soil of iconic rebel pilots Wedge Antilles and Nien Nunb.