Echo Base Benelux

Echo Base Live!

Do you collect vintage Star Wars toys? Or are you into the more modern merchandise? You’re good either way, because the Facebook groups Echo Base Benelux Vintage Star Wars Trading and Echo Base Benelux Modern Star Wars are presenting Echo Base Live during Echo Base Charity Con 2017!
The two groups aim to spread and share knowledge regarding to collecting Star Wars items. Members of the groups are very active in keeping prices reasonable and prohibit the sale of reproduction (fake) figures and accessories. In the Echo Base Benelux groups you can buy, sell and trade in a safe environment.
We are proud that the second edition of Echo Base Live will be held during Echo Base Charity Con 2017. Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to buy vintage and modern Star Wars items or have their own items checked for authenticity.
[Please note: The Echo Base Benelux groups are unrelated to Stichting Echo Base and Echo Base Charity Con]