vandort studios

Fan artist: VanDort Studio

VanDort Studio is the studio of fan artist Anton van Dort, whose work has been used and published by several fan and charitable organisations. Amongst them are the unofficial Belgian Star Wars fan club, the official German Star Wars fan club and the Australian Star Wars fan club. Besides these, he also works for The Flying Dutch, the Dutch Star Trek fan club.

Working for charities isn’t unknown territory for Anton. His work has also been used by several German charities who were authorised by Lucasfilm Ltd. to collect money with the help of Star Wars. Anton not only produces covers, but also helps these organisations with designing posters, illustrations, membership cards, business cards and flyers. As a fan artist his greatest achievement thus far has been the publishing of his work through the German Star Wars fan club, which required official approvement and subsequently received this from Lucasfilm and Disney. A feat which can be even a tough task for many a professional artist…

Anton is a fan artist from Dutch soil, who has professional ambitions that crosses borders, but who will continue to make art as a fan, for the fans. He will be a guest at Echo Base Charity Con to show his art works and to tell visitors about his many influences and inspirations.