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SCHEDULE: Panels + Screenings

Here is the final schedule for the panels and screenings at Echo Base Charity Con! Througout the day you can enjoy various panels and screenings in “Starkiller Base”, our main stage with 619 seats.

  • We kick off by showing the latest two episodes of Star Wars Rebels that you can enjoy on one of the largest theatre screens in the Netherlands (in Dutch).
  • You are welcome to meet (and ask questions to!) the people who made the films in the panels Stories from the Original Trilogy, The New Generation, Designing a Galaxy and From Star Wars to Star Wars.
  • Filmmaker Richard Raaphorst will be attending the screening of his short fan film The Rocketeer to tell you more about this project and of course to answer your questions.
  • At the end of the afternoon it’s time to experience Star Wars: The Force Awakens one more time on the big screen! And if you are lucky enough to hold a ticket, you can see Star Wars: The Last Jedi with cast and crew attending immediately afterwards.

You can find more details about the panels and screenings at this page:

Panels + screenings