Welcome back!

Almost two years ago we luanched this website with the words:”We would like to cordially welcome you to the official website of the Echo Base Foundation! Or rather: welcome back.” How appropriate are these words now that after a short break we will now prepare for a new edition of Echo Base Charity Con 2019!

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. On 30 september 1999 the Dutch premier took place, about six months after the release in the United States. We are therefore not only looking back at the beginning of the Prequel era, we are also looking to the end of the Sequel era with the premier of Star Wars: Episode IX upcoming December. 2019 will be a busy Star Wars year without question, not only on big screen, but especially on the small screen. For example, we will be introduced to The Mandalorian which will be released this year on the new Disney streaming service, Disney+. And something everyone held for impossible, will take place: the return of the fan favorite animation series of The Clone Wars!

Such an exiting Star Wars year cannot take place without the presence of a Echo Base Charity Con. Once again, this year it will also take place during the first weekend of release of the new Star Wars movie, which will be on Saturday, December 21st, 2019. On this website you can find all sorts of information concerningr entry tickets, special guests, activities, the charity and much more. So have a look around. And stay up to date via our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ticket sales will also start today. Until May 4th our most loyal visitors can take advantage of a very attractive discount on all of our regular entry tickets. And don’t wait too long to get your tickets this time! Our previous edition sold out several weeks before the venue date, unfortunately resulting in a considerable amount of disappointed fans.

We hope to welcome you back on December 21st!

Patrick, Leo en Wiebe
Team Echo Base