New partner: Star Wars Autograph Universe

The success of Echo Base Charity Con – A Star Wars Event depends on the enthusiasm of fans, exhibitors, donors and partners. Today we introduce one of the partners who make an important contribution to the event: Star Wars Autograph Universe

The Star Wars Autograph Universe Facebook group is made up of thousands of Star Wars autograph collectors from all over the world. The group was created to help everyone with knowledge and growth of one’s personal collection.

Star Wars Autograph Universe organises private signings on a regular basis. Recent signings include Industrial Light & Magic legends such as Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren and Joe Johnston. They just recently completed signings with the stars of the new trilogy, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver, and are proud to announce the offering of their second signing with Harrison Ford.

Star Wars Autograph Universe has donated the T-shirts the crew will wear during Echo Base Con. Also, the group has donated several very special signed photos for the charity auction. We will reveal these photos, together with the first other items, on this page very soon.

If you are interested in collecting Star Wars autographs, don’t hesitate and check out Star Wars Autograph Universe!