War Stories from the Original Trilogy

Panel: “War Stories from the Original Trilogy”

At Echo Base Charity Con several panels will take place during the day. One of them is “War Stories from the Original Trilogy”. In this panel, you will meet some of the distinguished actors who played parts in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Angus MacInnes, who played Y-Wing pilot Jon “Dutch” Vander in Star Wars (and returned to that role for Rogue One!), Michael Pennington, Moff Jerjerrod in Return of the Jedi and Paul Brooke, Malakili the Rancor Keeper in Return of the Jedi will have many stories to tell from the time they worked on set. Of course, they will give you the opportunity to ask questions as well!

The panel “War Stories from the Original Trilogy” will take place in Starkiller Base (theatre 12). The full panel program can be found on this page.

Echo Base Charity Con 2019 will take place on Saturday, December 21 in Kinepolis Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Buy your tickets here today!