Remnants of the Order

Cancellation Remnants of the Order screening

Today we received the following message from the creators of Remnants of the Order:

“Dear Echo Base fans,

Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the public premiere of Remnants of the Order.

This film has been created from an enourmous passion for Star Wars. It will be a beautiful film, but essential details that will bring it to a higher level are not yet finished. We feel it is very important to show you a film we can get behind and be proud of. We hope you understand.

We will still attend Echo Base Con so please make sure to stop by if you want to know more about our project!

We hope to see you at Echo Base Con,
Remnants of the Order”

While we are dissapointed we have to cancel the planned premiere of Remnants of the Order, we are still happy the creators will be present to talk about their project.