EB VIP #08 – Tom Wilton

Many of our guests have worked on more than just one Star Wars movie and our next guest is no exception. Today we welcome versatile actor Tom Wilton!

Since Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Tom has worked on every Star Wars movie production. As an actor he is specialized in movement, motion capture and creature puppetry. These skills also came in handy with other movie productions like Jurassic World and the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

In The Force Awakens he collaborated with Derek Arnold (our guest during Echo Base Con 2017) to bring the Luggabeast to life. He also played B-U4D (Buford) and Sarco Plank in the film.

In Rogue One – A Star Wars Story he played Ponda Baba and brought Bor Gullet to life (once again together with Derek Arnold). In Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi he played Edmo Ectacle, Bargwill Tomder and the Thala Siren, the infamous beast that supplied Luke Skywalker with his daily dose of dairy. In Solo – A Star Wars Story he fulfilled the role of creature and droid puppeteer.

Tom Wilton will be answering questions of visitors and taking part in a signing session at Echo Base Con.

Echo Base Charity Con 2019 will take place on Saturday, December 21 in Kinepolis Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Buy your tickets here today!


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