Star Wars X-Wing

SquadGear presents Star Wars miniature games

Do you like Star Wars board and miniature games? All the more reason to come to Echo Base Con!

SquadGear​ will again be present at Echo Base Con, and this time they are taking along two of the bestselling Star Wars boardgames worldwide: Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition and Star Wars: Legion.

The much-praised game Star Wars: X-Wing got a sequel with the Second Edition, in which there are more factions so that you can fine tune your squadron even better. But not only the game is incredibly addictive, the miniatures are super detailed and often times end up in the display cabinet of many collectors.

Star Wars: Legion is of a different caliber. Model building and board games come together in this legendary game. Where Star Wars: X-Wing takes place in the air, here you take command of ground forces. Create your own units, set up the scenery and get started. A game where you must also factor in the environment in the tactics that you must apply.

SquadGear will bring along a wide range of starter packs, expansions and custom-made accessories for Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition & Star Wars: Legion.

And if you are not familiar with these games yet, a demo team will be present to explain the games so you can start playing straight away!

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