Stephen B. Scott was born on March 19th, 1968 in Gulfport Mississippi, Amerika. As a kid he read several comic titles such as The Hulk, Judge Dredd and The Shadow. When he wanted to make his living out of drawing comics, his home state wasn’t the most ideal place to find a job, since large publishing houses such as Marvel and DC are located in New York. He therefore sent his drawings by mail in the hope of getting hired. Luckily, that worked out with him now having a fine track record.

Stephen has drawn for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image, Dark Horse and so on. The list of titles he worked on are as impressive as the publishers he worked for: Batman, X-Men Forever, JLA, Hulk and many more. Stephen also worked on the television series Smallville and Kyle XY. He was asked by George Lucas to create the art for Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods. Nearly all of the art pieces were subsequently bought by George Lucas and are now part of his personal collection. Recent work of Stephen includes The Graveyard Book by the acclaimed author Neil Gaiman. He is currently working on the comic series Normandy Gold for Titan Comics.

Stephen was responsible for making special and exclusive poster art for our event, of which we recently presented the result. He will be present at Echo Base Charity Con for a signing session, to sell original art and prints and to do commissions.


stephen b scott echo base charity con poster artist




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